Zemana AntiMalware


With the high rate of increasing threats of virus, you don’t just need an antivirus application on your computer, as it may not be enough to war against these viruses. However, Zemana AntiMalware is for the rescue.

Zemana AntiMalware is a solid and secure application that makes use of cloud technology, to keep your system safe and it also provides a fast detection rate.

Why will Zemana AntiMalware be useful to you?

Zemana AntiMalware is created to help you in protecting your system, even before infections take hold of it. With an adequate detection rate, your system is kept as safe as possible from every form of virus threats.

This application tackles threats as they come, in a great speed, scans efficiently and prevents future occurrences. Your drive is not cluttered up, neither is your PC performance affected.

It cleans your browser up, entirely.

Key Features of Zemana AntiMalware Include:

  • Zemana Antimalware is fast, scans your device and prevents future infections, in real time;
  • It is a lightweight application, and it does not affect the performance of your PC;
  • The application does not leave your drive cluttered up;
  • It cleans your browser up of unwanted applications and toolbars.
  • Supports multiple languages;
  • Compatible with all Windows versions


In conclusion, Zemana Antimalware is fast and reliable, though lightweight and it does not fight against the current state of your security suite. Users will derive lots of value from this software, whether you are a newbie PC users or an advanced technician. Besides, it’s available for all Windows versions and supports multiple languages.


Zemana AntiMalware
Zemana AntiMalware download
Zemana AntiMalware for windows 10
Zemana AntiMalware
Zemana AntiMalware

More info

  • Last Updated: 2019-11-25
  • Developer: Zemana
  • Homepage: www.zemana.com
  • Version: 3.1.495
  • File size: 12.15 MB
  • Downloads: 4,924
  • Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Filename: AntiMalware_Setup.exe
  • MD5 Checksum: 7c6326f953c136f43a1aca63d6e69190