ZBrush is a multifunctional digital sculpting tool for professional artists and sculptors. You can create a sculpture from scratch or turn a two-dimensional artwork into 3D model. The tool fully preserves the classical array of sculpting tools. You have virtual clay of different shapes and textures and you can manipulate them with your mouse - just as you would’ve done manually. 

ZBrush can be used by game developers and designers, film studio artists, engineers, illustrators, jewelry and clothes makers, and others. It combines science and art in one toolset. You can apply the changes on a micro level, changing your artwork pixel by pixel. 

How Can ZBrush Boost Your PC?

ZBrush is based on the modern non-photorealistic rendering system which adds the hand drawing effect to your 3D artwork. You can turn your sculpture into an animated cartoon or a comic book, using tone shading and cell shading. However, you can choose to not apply NDR features if you want your work to look realistic. 

Firstly, the tool allows you to turn 2D images into 3D sculptures, including grey-scale images. Using a Boolean-type effect, you can create complex 3D shapes from two-dimensional images. To improve the looks of sharp edges and surfaces, use the retopology toolset. It’s very convenient for engineers who have to keep to the precise dimensions of their machines and devices. 

Secondly, the tool includes a built-in color manager, ZColor. It’s a large color palette that allows you using the default colors or come up with your own shades. Also, ZBrush has an upgraded camera system that allows working with imported illustrations, photos, and 3D renders. The Intersection Maker tool is used for managing image masks and editing geometrical elements.

ZBrush provides users with an in-depth customization menu. For instance, if you work with a geometric object you can change its adaptive size, curve strength, use polypaint with customized color density - and these are only a few of all possible customizations. 

Due to such rich functionality, the interface might seem complicated for beginners. Moreover, ZBrush uses professional terminologies for all its features so if you are a beginner in 3D modelling, you may get confused. The features are located on side panels and drop-down menus.

ZBrush Key Features Include:

  • Create 3D sculptures in an innovative manager with fully preserved real-life artistic experience and instruments;
  • Structure your artwork in an updated folder system that groups all your models and most used features in separate folders;
  • Render your modes individually or in bulk in a matter of seconds;
  • Customize your brushes;
  • Work with a large color palette and create your own shades;
  • Turn your sculptures into an animated cartoon a comic book with non-photorealistic rendering;
  • Save your favorite features and customized tools to use them in the next sessions.


ZBrush is an intuitive 3D creator, used by illustrators, 3D designers, game developers, accessory makers all over the world. It’s a multifunctional editing tool that allows making both realistic and non-realistic models with various rendering systems. You can turn 2D photos into 3D models or create a three-dimensional artwork from scratch. The tools are all borrowed from real-life sculpture and enhanced with innovative customization possibilities.


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