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There are times that you may be working on a solo project and would want most of the research to remain a secret. Knowing that nobody is watching can help to boost morale as you work privately and securely from your computer. You may also need to access certain content that is not available in your region due to certain reasons. Being able to access a wider range of research materials would help to improve the scope of your work. With VPN Unlimited, your internet traffic will remain private as you visit your favorite websites.

How Can VPN Unlimited Improve Online Anonymity on Your PC?

VPN Unlimited is a powerful VPN service provider that offers military-grade encryption to ensure that your web traffic data is secure. With direct access to several servers in different countries, you get to enjoy unlimited access to every online content, anywhere in the world. It offers 256-bit encryption which improves the overall security of your data as you enjoy optimum speed on your computer. Once connected, it assigns a new IP address that hides your identity from hackers or anybody else that may be snooping. With a secure VPN server, you can enjoy unlimited speed as the workload on each one is usually less.

VPN Unlimited is available across multiple platforms with Firefox and Google Chrome browser extensions that improve online privacy as you surf the internet. You would need to create an account with a username and password to get started. First-time users will get a 7-day free trial with unlimited bandwidth, after which they have to choose a subscription plan.  Each plan has a bandwidth allocation and a number of allowed devices. There is a configuration wizard that guides you through the process of setting up the software after installation. VPN Unlimited can be configured to automatically connect at start-up to ensure that your identity is always protected.

VPN Unlimited Key features include:

  • 256-bit encryption.
  • Total anonymity.
  • Unlimited connection speed.
  • Available on multiple platforms.
  • Multiple server locations.
  • Auto-connect at start-up.
  • Several subscription plans.
  • Allows up to 5 devices.
  • Browser extensions.
  • No usage logging.
  • 7-day free trial.


Everyone wants a reliable VPN service provider that offers complete anonymity, allowing you to access all websites. VPN Unlimited provides the services that you need to ensure that the information shared while you are online is fully protected.


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VPN Unlimited

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