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There are plenty of situations where you would like to have several PCs instead of just one. Especially, during software testing. In order to check a project’s functionality, you need to test instances in various environments and Operating Systems. If you have only one device available, it’s impossible to ensure that the functionality works smoothly.

However, there is a way to create multiple PCs on just one physical device. By creating virtual computers, you receive an entirely new interface, storage, and even Operating System. With VMware Workstation Player, you can create Linux and Mac OS computers on your Windows PC and be able to run even more programs. 

How Can VMware Workstation Player Boost Your PC?

VMware Workstation Player is free software for creating virtual devices that support different operating systems. The software is based on the freemium model which means, some functionality can only be unlocked in the paid version. The virtual machines fully emulate the functionality of physical devices. You have a separate settings panel, interface, storage. Basically, it’s an independent device, completely different from your original PC, only virtual. 

Creating a virtual machine in VMware Workstation Player is fairly simple. Firstly, select the settings for your new virtual machine. This includes the Operating System, interface customization, size limitation. After you’ve entered all the settings, allow the tool to process all these changes and create a virtual device. This might take some time depending on how powerful the original device is. 

The software allows saving all virtual machine data by creating screenshots and saving bookmarks. Also, VMware Workstation Player is available in multi-user mode. You can share access with other team members and work with the same virtual devices. 

VMware Workstation Player Key Features Include:

  • Create virtual machines that support Windows, Linux, Mac OS X;
  • Work with various interfaces, storages, and customizable settings;
  • Shut down the machines one by one or in bulk to delete the storage and deactivate system processes;
  • Save screenshots, passwords, bookmarks, and installed software in separate folders;
  • Share virtual machines with your team members.


VMware Workstation Player is an intuitive VM manager that allows working on various OSs on a single physical device. The software’s interface is fairly simple. You have all the virtual machines displayed on the main screen in one list. Just select the necessary machine and start running it. In the full version, there is no limitation on how many virtual computers can be created.


VMware Workstation Player
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VMware Workstation Player for windows 10
VMware Workstation Player

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  • Last Updated: 2019-10-08
  • Developer: VMware Inc
  • Homepage: www.vmware.com
  • Version: 15.5.0 Build 14665864
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