Virtual PC 64-bit


The possibility to access other computers can be useful in a couple of situations. What if you want to install software on your client’s computer or show your parent how to use a program while you are away from home? Whatever the purpose may be, it’s always handy to have a tool that allows accessing computers virtually just by entering an IP and a password.

Windows Virtual PC is software for virtual PC access, created by Microsoft and supported by Windows. The tool’s main scope is to allow accessing a computer on distance as well as creating a completely new virtual computer.

How Can Windows Virtual PC Boost Your Computer?

This software is useful for two purposes. For one, it allows you to access another computer from a distance but also, it permits creating a completely new virtual device without having a physical gadget.

The virtual machines created with this application’s help are completely secure and can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously. Each of these virtual devices can have its own operating system. For instance, one device can support Windows, while another, Linux.

Virtual PCs provide a wide range of possibilities for IT specialists. You can test your software on various operating systems while only having one physical device, which saves a lot of time and money. Also, it allows distributing the workload on your computer, which otherwise would've been performed by one device. It’s true that your virtual PCs are going to be only as powerful as its main device are but still it provides quite a significant increase in speed and operational efficiency.

This software can be used for staff training and education. With just one device, you can allow a lot of people to work on multiple software and perform multiple tasks. It’s a perfect solution for offices and classrooms where a limited amount of devices has to be distributed between a big number of people.

Windows Virtual PC Key Features:

  • Creates a virtual PC with its own interface, operating system, and separate file storage;
  • Shares virtual PC data with many users simultaneously;
  • Creates a secure connection between your virtual computers;
  • Tests software on various operating systems with only one physical device;
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux;
  • Works with multithreaded software and computers;
  • Supports USB devices and SD cards. 


Windows Virtual PC is an intuitive software that allows creating and managing virtual Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X devices from one computer. Each virtual PC can have its own operating system, interface, and storage. Even though all virtual computers are independent, you can also connect them with each other for a seamless data transfer. The tool is simple and fast. A virtual computer can be created with just one click and a user can choose to later customize its settings.


Virtual PC 64-bit
Virtual PC 64-bit download
Virtual PC 64-bit for windows 10
Virtual PC 64-bit
Virtual PC 64-bit
Virtual PC 64-bit

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