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It is common for programmers to require code analyzing software. Imagine if you needed to decompile/analyze codes quickly, perhaps in order to reconstruct a better variant of the program, or fix bugs, or create an updated version of your program, or say you somehow misplaced your source codes, or you're simply trying to improve on your code performance in such a situation, you will definitely be needing the correct decompiling tool to work with; an effective disassembling tool. This is where VB Decompiler comes to play – a tool with which you can effectively disassemble, and reassemble source codes for various programs.

VB Decompiler is a simple visual basic decompiler and .NET disassembler software that is capable of disassembling codes at really fast speeds. The software comes packed with a powerful engine that is capable of decoding instructions to possible Visual Basic Commands – thanks to this; users can reconstruct complex projects seamlessly, and quickly, without having to do too much. Added to this the program comes with a lineup of useful added features to make the entire process hassle-free – all you need to do is input the data that is required, and the software will automatically handle all the rest.

How Can VB Decompiler Make The Decompiling Process Easier and Quicker?

As with any other good software, the very first thing you will appreciate about VB Decompiler is its simple easy-to-understand user-friendly interface. Users (including first-timers) can easily go around the application’s environments and handle various issues without having to go through several menus.

Another great advantage of using VB Decompiler is its ability to handle EXE, DLL, and OCX files built with Visual Basic 5 and 6. This also includes its ability to handle projects compiled in .NET Technology. However, for now, the decompilation process can only be performed on x32 machines alone, although the program still runs smoothly on x64 machines as well.

Decompiling a program on VB Decompiler is pretty simple. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and you're done. First, you will need to add the file which you wish to decompile – there are more than one ways to do this; the first is by making use of the Dedicated Menu where you can toggle to add a file. Another way to go about it is by using the Drag and Drop option; where you can simply drag the file which you want to work on, into the VB Decompiler window while the program is running. As soon as you are done importing the files, VB Decompiler immediately begins to analyze the codes and then it displays the process in a tree-view when decompilation is done. Decompiled work cannot be edited instantly; however, you can export the file, and have it edited to your preference.

For all your decompiled work, there are various ways in which you could export your work. Some of the options include: saving the procedure list, saving all your code in one module or the decompiled project only. Other ways with which you could get this done is by making use of an advanced search string feature, or trying out the possibility of data patching, or obfuscating the project.

The application's functionality can be extended through built-in plugins which can allow you to create a MAP file – this can come off very useful as it can show references, and also set the decompiler priority.

It is important to note that on the Windows Operating System, VB Decompiler is licensed as Shareware for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. Also, the program can be used as a free trial until its trial period is exceeded. The VB Decompiler Lite software has the advantage of being compatible with all known OS types as a free download application although there are potential restrictions which you would not find on the full version of the application.

The capabilities of VB Decompiler are vast. One of its strengths is in its ability to decompile P-codes; the trick is, since p-codes consist of high-level commands, there should be a high possibility to have it decompiled into source code (even though the names of some variables and some functions may not be decompiled). However, VB Decompiler is equipped with the technical abilities to restore source code from P-code as precisely as possible – and then, with a few modifications, you can try to compile the generated codes.

Under normal circumstances, if a program was compiled into the native code, then, restoring full source code from its machine instructions is not possible. However, using VB Decompiler, you can attempt to further analyze the program even in this situation thanks to its powerful disassembler and emulator – with this, the software tries to decode most of the assembler instructions into VB commands (it is important to point out here that sometimes, it fails on optimizations of assembler code, and sometimes generates instructions that are not entirely correct. However, this remains one of the best alternatives for analyzing native code applications for the time being).

Key Features of VB Decompiler Include:

  • Simple user interface.
  • Compatibility with several devices.
  • Ability to handle EXE, DLL, and OCX file formats.
  • Easy and quick decompilation.
  • New processing engine for vbaObjSet and vbaHresultCheckObj (Native Code).
  • New processing engine for 24 Late calls: vbaVarLateMemCallLd, vbaVarLateMemCall dRf, vbaVarLateMemCallSt, vbaVarLateMemSt, vbaLateMemSt, vbaVarLateMemStAd, vbaLateMemStAd, vbaLateIdCall, vbaLateIdCallLd, vbaLateIdCallSt, vba LateSt.


VB Decompiler is one of the best decompiler software there is. The program is simple and very easy to work with; programs are capable of easily be decompiled in just a few clicks, and accurate results will be returned afterward using it's advanced disassemble, analyze, and export tools. Also, the software is very useful for recovering lost source codes and restoring lost projects as well.


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