With the cybersecurity challenges that come with sharing files and information online, the need to find ways to mitigate the risks have become paramount. We all want to be able to stay online without fear of data theft regardless of the websites that we visit. Privacy protection has become one of the most prominent concerns in the mind of every computer user, including the less tech-savvy ones. Being able to access all restricted content from any part of the globe while your identity stays hidden. TunnelBear offers a Virtual Private Network service that makes this possible.

How Can TunnelBear Improve Online Anonymity on Your PC?

TunnelBear is a VPN software that adds an extra layer of security to your online activities, enabling you to perform data transfers privately without risk. It offers fast and reliable VPN services to computer users who want to stay anonymous while accessing online content from different geographical regions. You would be required to create an account and subscribe monthly for the service to enjoy full data encryption among its other features. It offers first-time users 500mb of data for free which may be increased by choosing from the available subscription plans.

The 128bit OpenVPN connection offered by TunnelBear optimizes speed and performance while your identity remains protected. You can block certain online content including ad trackers and scripts which may be monitoring your online activities. It also bypasses regional content blocks, allowing you to instantly access restricted content from any location. The software can be set up to automatically connect to your preferred server location on startup. There are several servers in different countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and lots more. With the VigilantBear feature, all online traffic is restricted immediately the VPN service is disconnected. GhostBear is another feature that masks your IP for added security. Creating a list of Trusted Networks allow you to set up TunnelBear to automatically connect when you are using an unrecognized network.

TunnelBear Key Features include:

  • Browse anonymously.
  • Connect to several VPN servers.
  • Restrict all online traffic when disconnected.
  • bypasses regional content blocks.
  • Auto-connect on start-up.
  • 128bit OpenVPN connection.
  • Block certain online content including ad trackers and scripts.


For full privacy protection, all computer users should have a reliable VPN service provider like TunnelBear. It protects you from the activities of ad trackers while you are able to access online content that was originally unavailable in your region.


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