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PDF is unarguably the most popular file format these days. Whether you receive business reports, download books, or check school assignments, you have to deal with PDFs one way or another. That’s why having a powerful PDF reader is a crucial factor for your work efficiency.

Alongside the popular and obvious versions like Adobe Acrobat, there are other readers that don’t lose out too, in terms of speed, not interface’s simplicity. Furthermore, they are often more functional and smaller. Sumatra PDF is a great example of a multifunctional PDF reader that unlike many popular programs, can support a range of other formats like ePub, CBZ, CBR, CHM, DJVI, and others.

How Can Sumatra PDF Boost Your PC?

Obviously, the main scope of this software is to provide a smooth PDF reading experience. The tool accesses PDF files and opens them in a lightweight, intuitive reader. However, the functionality is not limited to handling PDF formats only. The tool is perfect for all bookworms since it supports all popular book formats, including eBooks and comic books.

Apart from its universality, the main advantage of Sumatra PDF is its intuitive interface. All the features are clearly laid out on the main screen. The software supports essential features, like Zoom In and Zoom Out, Search (you can look for specific text fragments or keywords), and Print. Also, there are additional tools, less common for reading such as Presentation Mode, perfect for PDF presentations, and Command Line mode, allowing you to navigate through applications via code commands.

Because this reading software includes only the most essential features, the tool is quite small and can be installed even from a flash drive. It’s comfortable for travelers who often work from small laptops or change computers frequently. Also, Sumatra PDF additionally comes in the form of a web plug-in and can be installed to preview a PDF file in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Sumatra PDF Key Features Include:

  • Preview PDF, EPUB, CBZ, CHM, CBR, and DJVU files all in one tool;
  • Zoom in and out, highlight separate text fragments, and search for specific words or phrases via the built-in search tool;
  • Install a web-plugin for your Chrome, Opera, or Firefox to preview PDF files without exiting the browser;
  • Presentation Mode displays your PDF files in landscape orientation in full-screen mode;
  • Preview your PDF files before printing.


Sumatra PDF is a compact PDF reader with rich functionality and simple interface. You can preview PDF documents, electronic books, and comics all in one tool. Also, it’s possible to zoom in and out, search for text fragments, and view the file in a Print and Presentation mode. Due to its minimalistic interface, it’s easy to understand even for inexperienced PC users.

The tool is open source which means it can be legally downloaded and distributed for free. It has a quite active development community whom you can contact in case there are any technical issues or problems.


Sumatra PDF
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Sumatra PDF
Sumatra PDF
Sumatra PDF

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  • Last Updated: 2019-07-16
  • Developer: Krzysztof Kowalczyk
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  • Version: 3.1.2
  • File size: 4.64 MB
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