Stadionus - is a system for animating and analyzing football games. Everything that you wanted to know about a football match is now available to you. Which game statistics you receive in this program version: - Trajectory of players, which zones the player spent most time in and where they were most active at any time as chosen by the user. - Player speed and acceleration graphics, direction of the action, pass accuracy and productivity of each player. - Tactical and physical indicators of the game for individual teams or for comparing the two teams. - The zone covered between the players, the lines and directions of their actions. - Pass and attack lines, attack and defence lines. - Pass accuracy calculations for each player. - For each player, how far and at what speed they ran over the whole game. - Ball possession percentage and time for each team and for each player. And much, much more. We work with our users and can add any statistic that you need. The program is continually developing and we are glad to hear any suggestions and wishes from our users. Features of a 3D animated match: - The game engine built into our program uses all the capability of your video card to create highly realistic football match scenes. - Tens of animated footballer actions, quality textures, light sources and shadows all give your scenes and clips a uniqueness previously only available to professional designers and animators - Virtual cameras, which you can add to your clip, make it possible to watch the match through the eyes of any footballer or from inside the ball. You will watch the match in a way that is impossible in real life. - The slow motion effect, only possible with computer graphics, expands and enrichens the possibilities of animating three dimensional scenes.



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  • Last Updated: 2019-11-05
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  • Version: 0.2
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