The human brain has been scientifically proven to process images faster than text. So if you want to use an application, or learn anything that you do not have previous knowledge about, reading lengthy texts from the help manual can be drudgery, but learning how to operate an app or a subject with the aid of visual documentation is easier. This is the primary feature of ScreenSteps. With this easy to use application- ScreenSteps-, you can gather enough information about using any app or any other topic by capturing images through screenshots which are sorted by the time you took the screenshot and stored in an article.

Blue Mango Learning Systems develop ScreenSteps for all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. This authoring tool requires you have at least forty eight points four megabytes (48.4MB) free memory space. So if you are finding it difficult to use an application, even after reading through the help manual, you can download and install this application to assemble help manuals from the internet. All you have to do to find these manuals is to search for them on the internet, screenshot images with operational details of the app, and use ScreenSteps to create your own help manual.

How ScreenSteps Helps You Create The Perfect Help Manual

Once you have an internet connection, you have within your grasp access to a lot of information. With the internet, learning has never been more natural. Learning is even more natural with ScreenSteps. No matter the subject matter you are trying to teach, you can assemble all the necessary information via an inbuilt screenshot utility in ScreenSteps, and in five to ten minutes, your manual is ready. From the main window of the software, every action that you can take will be made visible and editable. The screenshots which you have taken are all sorted in an article, that you can add relevant text on. ScreenSteps also enables you to add a title to every step, a short description of the title which ensures that you input every necessary information concerning what you want to teach.

You can create multiple manuals with ScreenSteps, with every manual having its own article that contains information about the help you are offering. However, you must first create a web page where all of your work will be stored and made accessible to the public. On this web page, you will serve as an administrator, checking for the best content to upload, and deciding which should not be. After the check is done and your approval gotten, you will be provided with a link that takes you directly to where you can view the result on the page. From ScreenSteps main window, all of the steps you created in making the manual remain accessible as well as the screenshots, which you can tweak at any time. Simply select the area you want to make changes to, and you are ready. You can do a little post-processing after you have added the screenshots, description, and titles to the article, and add indicators, sequence annotation and much more.

ScreenSteps easily integrates with third-party screen capture applications like Snaglt for Windows systems. It also integrates effortlessly with any type of image editor. There is a crop tool in the main window that will allow you resize a screenshot to remove irrelevant information, an annotation utility that you can adjust at any time, and you can easily reorder or replace images. This last feature is important because the application automatically sequences the captures with the order you took each. After you are done with the help manual, you can export the article to PDF, HTML, or a custom HTML/XML template. Your steps are assembled in Thumbnail view, and text in preview mode, so you have a better view of your images.

Key Features Of ScreenSteps Include:

  • An inbuilt screen capture utility that helps you collect images directly from the app.
  • Seamless integration with other screen capture applications for Windows.
  • Non-destructive annotations that let you adjust annotations at any time.
  • Automatic sequencing of captured images in the order they were taken.
  • Easily integrates with any image editor for Windows.
  • Reorder or replace images in the sequence.
  • Allows you to add titles and descriptions to your article, so no relevant information is missed.
  • Export to your very own custom template, or regular PDF and HTML templates.
  • A professional interface that makes it faster and much easier to assemble help manuals.


ScreenSteps is a professional tool for assembling data through screenshot captures to help teach a particular topic. It is easy to use and comes with so many features that ensures that all the information you want to pass is stored in the article. You can add titles and descriptions to the article so more information can be processed, and export them to PDF or HTML templates.


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