Ruby 64-bit


In the modern technical world, there are lots of glitches especially when it comes to programming. From time estimation issues to security threats, debugging and even working with another person’s code. But there is something unique about a software that diminishes these issues. 

Some programming languages bring about unnecessary difficulty and constitute waste of effort, which hinders most people from even programming at all, whereas it could be much easier. Ruby is a unique and powerful open source programming language with the primary focus of simplicity and productivity. It has an exact syntax that is easy to read and write. 

In this software, everything is objectified. Ruby also makes it possible for every piece of information to be allotted their respective properties and actions. Here, rules that apply to objects also apply to all of Ruby, therefore, Ruby follows the control of the Smalltalk language by allotting methods and instance variables to all its types, thereby simplifying one’s use of it. Ruby is a beginner-friendly and highly object-oriented programming package that is readable and concise. 

How is Ruby useful?

This general-purpose programming language will allow you to write codes that are not only easy to write, but easy to read and execute as well. It also offers you advanced concepts such as; file system, exception handling, blocks, callable objects, and many more. 

Worthy of note also is the fact that this scripting language is not only free of charge but also free to use, modify and share. One of the most flexible features of Ruby is the ‘block’. It allows a programmer to join a closure to any method, depicting how that method should act. Ruby also lets you freely tailor its most essential parts as you deem fit. Though it is developed mostly on Lincoln/GNU, it works on numerous types of UNIX, macOS, Windows, DOS, BeOS, OS/2 and several others 

Features of Ruby Include:

  • Has OS independent threading;
  • Can load extension libraries;
  • Is highly portable;
  • Easily handles errors;
  • Has a garbage-collector.


This lightweight and easy to navigate programming language will speed up and ease all your programming activities. So, why not take Ruby for a spin by clicking on the install button?


Ruby 64-bit
Ruby 64-bit download
Ruby 64-bit for windows 10
Ruby 64-bit

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  • Version: 2.6.5-1
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