While browsing the internet, we tend to download a couple of programs or files that we may never use and they just occupy space. There are also temporary files that were used by programs on the system as well as left-over files from uninstalled programs. Duplicate files, Error logs, and reports, as well as internet history and browser cache, are files that tend to occupy space on our computers.

We need to routinely clean up our computers to reduce the load on the hard disk and make it perform optimally. Sensitive information which is no longer in use may be stolen by cybercriminals if left on your computer. PrivaZer helps you save time while making your system clean, secure and free of unwanted files.

Why is PrivaZer Helpful

PrivaZer is an important computer program that helps you improve privacy on your computer. It gives you full control over cookies, downloaded files, browser cache, and obsolete installation files. These cookies help make browsing easier but they contain sensitive data about the sites you visited.

There are also cookies that track your online activity with the aim of providing tailored online advertisements that may be beneficial to the user. This explains why you usually see adverts on your most searched products online. It may be annoying to constantly see ads of a particular product even when you no longer have a need for it. A tool like PrivaZer enables you to solve this problem conveniently.

The software has a portable version which can be used without installation as well as a standard version that must be installed on a system. The portable version can be copied into multiple computers for quick use with the help of a USB pen drive. Both versions come with advanced features that enable you to select the type of files that you intend to clean as well as recommendations to make the process a lot easier.

With PrivaZer, you can set up cleaning schedules as well as the priority of each data category. It also displays the activity progress to enable you to see how far it has gone. You can clean files from almost everywhere including the RAM, local drives, external hard drives, USB devices, as well as the system registry.

PrivaZer Key Features Include:

  • Effective cleanup of unwanted system files;
  • Support for external storage devices;
  • Create backup and system restore points;
  • Set up cleaning schedules;
  • Availability of portable and standard installation versions.


You no longer have to worry about large chunks of data clogging your system and slowing it down or losing sensitive data to cybercriminals. PrivaZer provides an easy and convenient way to maintain online privacy and improve system performance.


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PrivaZer for windows 10

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