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You can never be too sure of how much privacy you currently have over the internet. Often, there's always some loophole that can still trace its way back to you. Though there is a lot of application software and such that say they do the job of keeping your online privacy and security "private," one can never really be too sure. This is just exactly where Privacy eraser comes in – a tool that can completely wipe clean every trace of any internet activity from your computer device with just one click, or automatically if you like – giving you absolute privacy and security over all of your internet activity at all times.

Privacy Eraser is an all in one privacy application suite that is designed to protect your online privacy by deleting your browsing history and any other related computer activity. Thankfully, this application supports all main browsers such that from any browser, you can completely erase all traces of any online activity with just a single click. All your online footprints are sure to be taken care of including your web browser cache, cookies, browsing history, saved passwords, search history, recycle bins, temporary files, and everything in between.

How Can Privacy Eraser Help Clear Your Digital Footprints?

So at this point, you're probably wondering why you need this app anyway when you can simply clear out your browsing history manually and such concerns as your search history can be taken care of – well, while clearing your browsing history can do the job sometimes, most of the time, it doesn't as one could still access all your activity and private search queries with the right tweaks and clicks. – Now, this is where an application software that can do the job properly comes in. With privacy eraser, the first admirable characteristic you will notice about this application software is its beautifully designed material user interface; at the sight of it, you will definitely get that feeling that says "this app can do the job." 

Privacy Eraser offers a comprehensive privacy solution that completely takes care of your online privacy locally and remotely by completely cleaning up all of your internet history and activity. The good thing is that it supports all main web browsers so that it does the job with just a single click from any main web browser. 

On opening the program, you can click on the scan button which allows you to run a full scan on your computer system, or you can go ahead and check out the sidebar where you can customize what should and should not be scanned. The program has support for all of your essential applications and folders, respectively. As far as web browsers are concerned, Privacy Eraser supports a good number of them, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari Internet Explorer, and Opera. This also gives it the ability to handle tasks like the removal of caches, passwords, history information, preferences, and so on. Note, however, that, outright clearing of cookies/sessions may result in you losing all of your currently open tabs. So be sure you want to do this, or disable the option before you begin. One other exciting feature here is the option that enables you to remove all typed URL history without carrying out an actual cleanup.

Currently, this software supports over 50+ applications, including Windows Media Player, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, 7-zip, Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, Evernote, etc. If your current device runs Windows 8, you will find Windows Store apps also listed.

Another useful feature can be found on the front page of the program just before a cleanup exercise – here; the application displays the total size of what is going to be deleted and its effect on your memory status if you click on the clean button after having run a scan. Also, all items marked for removal are displayed on the table below so that you are given the opportunity to uncheck whatever you may want to exclude from being deleted.

Privacy Eraser also comes with a lineup of other tools which you can use in addition to the ones boldly featured on the screen. Below is a hint of what some of these tools do:

  • Windows Startup Manager displays all of your enabled and disabled startup programs. Here, you will find among the listed items; names, publishers, commands, and autostart entries.
  • File Shredder can delete files and folders permanently.
  • System Restore can list all the existing system restore points on your computer system.
  • Drive Wiper can seamlessly delete all spare and hidden data areas on any selected drive. Also, the remaining free space will be wiped clean as well so that it cannot be recovered in the future.
  • Finally, Privacy eraser has a robust dedicated support team that is well equipped with what it takes to handle user queries. There is also an active online community which users can always reach out to.

Key Features Of Privacy Eraser Include:

  • Attractive user interface.
  • Ability to wipe out all internet footprints.
  • Comprehensive scanner.
  • Multiple added tools and functionalities.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Application is lightweight.
  • The app is user-friendly.
  • Support for all main web browsers.
  • Support for over 50+ applications.
  • Support for all Windows platforms.
  • Supports Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Paid and free versions are both available.


Privacy Eraser is an excellent application for taking care of your online privacy while online or offline. The app is well braced with a ton of added features to this effect, including a first-class scanning mechanism. Also, this program has a beautiful user interface that cannot be left unnoticed. More so, the application supports a wide range of platforms and OS types, including Windows, Android, and Mac. There are paid and free versions for you to pick from respectively.


Privacy Eraser Free Portable
Privacy Eraser Free Portable download
Privacy Eraser Free Portable for windows 10
Privacy Eraser Free Portable

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