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We encounter files almost every time we surf the internet. Sometimes those files are sent directly to us or we plan to share them with others. In most cases, sharing PDF files via email is not always a problem. But what about times, when you need to share certain files via social media - facebook or when applying to certain jobs or colleges and you are boxed into a file size? 

If your files happen to be too large to download which will eventually take up unnecessary space on your disk drive, what do you do? Other times, you may encounter difficulties when uploading your PDF files to some websites, but there is a quick and sleek solution that will reduce the size of any PDF document and allow for smooth file sharing. 

Using PDF Compressor, you can compress any PDF file you have downloaded on your PC to a smaller size. You can do this to any document, individually or in a batches, this way you save time if you are working with more than one large file.

How Can PDF Compressor Be Of Help To You

For a software like PDF Compressor, the installation process is easy to understand. It's also built with a comprehensible user interface for any kind of user, regardless of their level technical skills. PDF Compressor does more than Compressing PDF files for you. 

Users can also select the desired output format for their files and the quality. This is especially handy in cases where the content of your document is sensitive or to protect it against copyright. You can easily reduce the quality of your output file and it would only to accessed and understood but unable to be duplicated.

Key Features Of PDF Compressor Include:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Ability to compress file, individually or in batch;
  • Ability to define the quality of any file with a slider feature.


PDF Compressor is a great tool with an easy to use interface. With PDF Compressor you can download any PDF file without worries of how much space it will take up from your PC's space disk. It will save time for those who manage large PDF files on a regular basis.


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