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Smartphones come with a lot of operating systems including Windows, iOS, and Android to give users the best possible experience. Android is an open-source OS that allows developers to unlock their device and develop programs. It can be found on a wide range of devices like Sony, HTC, Samsung, Huawei, and a host of others.

Developers usually need a safe and easy way to test their Android apps. There are emulators that provide a virtual Android environment with the full hardware and software properties of an actual mobile device making it possible to run apps and games. NoxPlayer enables android app developers to install, observe and analyze their apps, giving them an idea of what its performance will look like on mobile devices. 

How Does NoxPlayer Function?

The NoxPlayer software replicates the full functions and features of the Android operating system on your computer. This program enables you to use android apps or play games on your PC. It has an interface that is identical to that of actual Android devices with all its features including touch input method, home screen customization and use of widgets. 

Google Play integration comes out of the box for NoxPlayer installation to enhance user experience. This ensures that the advanced functionalities of Google are incorporated into third-party applications. You are also able to install android apps from the official store and downloaded APK files can be installed directly on your computer. It also supports installation from other Android app stores. The program creates an avenue for developers to test new apps for speed and performance before it is released to the public. It can also be used by people that prefer to play android games using the keyboard and mouse of a computer. The keyboard and mouse support comes in handy for navigation in Role-Playing games.

Multiple instances of NoxPlayer can run concurrently on a computer without any conflict, crashing of the program or data corruption. This makes it possible for a developer to simultaneously observe and analyze various apps conveniently. It also supports the connection of peripheral devices like game controllers, monitors, headsets, and webcam. The program allows its users to take screenshots or record on-screen activities which may be analyzed further at a later date. It also features a web browser that allows you to surf the internet within the program. App shortcuts can be created on the home screen for easy access. 

You can also install various widgets like those that provide weather updates, calendar, clock and alarm as well as a music player. It has a button that can be used to simulate the actual shaking of your mobile device as required in some android apps. Files can be shared between your computer and NoxPlayer.

NoxPlayer Key Features Include:

  • Supports peripheral devices like keyboards, mouse, gamepads, and webcam;
  • Excellent keyboard mapping for ease of use;
  • Supports the shake feature in some apps;
  • Sharing of files between the virtual device and the host machine;
  • Supports gravity sensor which is useful in most racing games.


NoxPlayer is totally free and has no conflict with your security software. It is popular among computer users that just want to enjoy Android apps and games on their system. It is also a great production tool that is ideal for all Android app developers regardless of their skill level.


Nox App Player
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Nox App Player
Nox App Player

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