LRSTAR Parser & Lexer Generator


LRSTAR is a fast LALR(k) parser generator for C/C++ programmers, that builds very fast compilers and language processors by using compressed-matrix parser tables. Creates compiler front-ends that read source code at 1,000,000 lines per second. LRSTAR reads the powerful TBNF grammar notation which facilitates building an AST automatically and other advanced functionality. Solves the "typedef" problem in C grammars. The compiler front-end source code is in C++, however, a user may re-write the skeleton file in another language, such as C, C#, Java, and then generate code in that language. Contains Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ work spaces. DFASTAR and DFAC lexer generators are included in the downloads. These generate very fast DFA lexical analyzers which read 30,000,000 tokens per second -- twice the speed of Flex.

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