The writer: This is a word processor and is very similar to Microsoft Word and WordPerfect in terms of its functions, capabilities and graphical interface. This writer is compatible with Microsoft word Doc, DOCX XHTML, RTF and open document format 1.2 extended. This has a word and character counter that can easily count the number of words and characters you have written. 

It also has drawing capabilities which are suitable for illustrating and drawing anything you desire. The auto-complete and autocorrect feature automatically completes words and corrects misspelled words. It has the templates and style feature which can be used to customize your document as you wish. You can also export the LibreOffice writer to other formats, such as PDF and Word. This Word Processor can be equally edited and manipulated as PDF files. It has the ability to index and correct equations easily. 

It has a very user-friendly interface and its tools are easily understood which helps facilitate you getting the output you desire. Libre Office writer also has the optimization tool which helps optimize your images by just right clicking which then gives you a vast array of optimization tool options to choose from. It has over 650 tools which can be added from the LibreOffice extension directory. 

The Calc: This is a spreadsheet. It’s very easy to learn and also use and still possesses a vast array of tools to select from.

It’s also similar to Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3. It can define a series of graphs using information from your computer. This is a very unique feature to just LibreOffice Calc. 

The Impress: this is almost the equivalent of Microsoft PowerPoint. It is the presentation programme on LibreOffice and this is a powerful application especially for business people and students to help you prepare any presentation because it’s very customizable and has a wonderful interface. 

Draw: This is similar to the beginning versions of CorelDRAW. It’s also similar to Microsoft Visio. It can be used as a pdf file editor. It has features that are also present in Scribus. It’s a wonderful tool for creative individuals as it lets you create sketches, pictures from virtually nothing.

Math: This is basically used to create and edits mathematical formulas. A good tool for students, technically inclined individuals, and anyone interested in creating or editing mathematical formulas. This application uses a variant of XML for creating formulas.

Base: This is a database management programme. It is very similar to Microsoft Access. You can easily create and manage reports and forms. It’s a very helpful tool for office managers, entrepreneurs, and organizers of events.

The LibreOffice is compatible with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit. It’s also has an open source licence.

Features of LibreOffice Include:

  • Word count;
  • Character count;
  • Built in drawing tools;
  • Auto complete;
  • Templates and styles;
  • Grammar checker;
  • Spelling checker;
  • Autifiller per sheet support;
  • Page layout support;
  • Linking of graphics, spreadsheets, and other objects;
  • Drawing tool feature;
  • Edit and manipulate PDF files;
  • Export feature;
  • Indexing;
  • Scriptable and Remote Controllable via the UNO API;
  • Equation editor;
  • 650 tools feature;
  • Create and edit formulas.

The LibreOffice is basically one of the most versatile, and most compatible tools in the world with different formats. it’s free which is an added bonus. It’s also extremely Easy to install and it has a very little file size of 263.93MB(276,754,432 bytes).


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LibreOffice for windows 10

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