Optical storage devices were often used to store and distribute data between computers. Some of these devices are rewritable and were erased so that they can be reused. There are times when these discs become damaged and become difficult to read as a result of improper storage.

Rewritable discs have a limit and when its exceeded, it begins to deteriorate and may lead to loss of important data. Data loss also occurs in magnetic storage devices like USB pen drives due to human errors like accidentally removing the device from the port while a file is being transferred. IsoBuster is a data recovery solution that prevents permanent data loss regardless of the type of failure issue you may be experiencing.

How Does IsoBuster Help?

IsoBuster is a very important tool that helps you recover lost or damaged files from several storage devices including local and external drives as well as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray. You no longer need to worry about losing important information on old data CDs, DVDs, MMC or even floppy disks.

The computer program has a unique interface with a classic file explorer appearance that enables you to easily navigate through all data including those that are about to be recovered. It is easy to use and data recovery starts at the push of a button. It does not require any major configuration as recoverable files begin to appear immediately the affected device is selected from the menu.

IsoBuster supports data recovery from multi-session discs as well as virtual disk images like ISO, BIN, and NRG. Its powerful extraction engine ensures that you are able to see all tracks and sessions that are located on the specified device. It supports FAT, NTSF, UDF, and HSF file systems to enable you to view and recover contents from all device partitions as well as quickly formatted discs.

It also handles internal remapping for effective data recovery. The “read reverse” feature ensures that recovered files are identical to the original.

IsoBuster Key Features Include:

  • Supports FAT, NTSF, UDF, and HSF file systems for content recovery on all device partitions;
  • Recover data from CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, MMC, HDD, SSD, and USB pen drives or even floppy disks;
  • Multi-language support;
  • Supports data recovery from multi-session discs;
  • Supports virtual disk images like ISO, BIN, and NRG.


IsoBuster has very powerful features that make it invaluable to every computer user. It is able to find and recover important files and folders including those that are hidden or not seen by your operating system. The files size is not big enough to drag down too much of your system’s resources. It is perfect for beginning PC users and experienced users will find it beneficial as well.


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IsoBuster for windows 10

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