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Internet Explorer is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. It comes installed with any Microsoft Windows device. Internet Explorer is straightforward to use, places a lot of emphasis on its user's security and the developers have improved on its RSS, CSS and Ajax support.

The five different versions that will be discussed in this review are: Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, Internet Explorer for 64-bit Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8.0 for Windows XP, Internet Explorer 9.0 for Wi does Vista (64-bit), and Internet Explorer 9.0 for Windows Vista.

Why you should use Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer as earlier postulated, is the built-in/default web browser for Windows Operating Systems. This browser has improved on its RSS, and Ajax support, as well as support WebGL, HTML video playback without plugins, and CSS properties. Images now load faster by up to forty-five percent, without much pressure on its memory. To enjoy the new features of Internet Explorer, there are tests available through You are also allowed to block your current Windows from automatically updating to the latest version of Internet Explorer by resorting to the Toolkit, where you will disable Automatic Delivery of Internet Explorer.

If you have a job as a Web Developer, there are new tools for you to work with Internet Explorer. There is now a DOM Explorer, debugger, profiler (JavaScript speed benchmarking, browser simulation, UI responsiveness, and memory testing, and quite several network related functions. You can now Lin sites to the taskbar to create a faster connection to pages that you access frequently. You only have to drag the site's icon from the address bar to the toolbar. You can as well pin sites from the Tools menu. When you open more than one tab on Internet Explorer, they will appear like multiple windows in the taskbar by default, and this let's there be too much clutter that is hard to navigate through. You can clear all the clutter by modifying them from the Internet Options panel. Pinning sites is not the only ease-of-access tool in Internet Explorer, as you can add websites to the favorites list. From the Favourites list, you can organize them by category. A history list lets you sort pages quickly by date, size, and most visited. Internet Explorer also has an intelligent navigation bar that supports auto-complete, as well as being capable of pulling suggestions from your favorites, browsing history and the search provider you are currently using.

Managing multiple tabs has not been easier, as Internet Explorer has a right click menu entry that you can use to close current tabs, close all tabs safe for the current active tab, and creating color coded tab groups. It is also possible for you to display the tabs in a row, separate from the address bar. Your privacy is while surfing the web secure with this web browser, as it has a “Do not track” privacy setting that is accessible via the Tools menu. It sends no-tracking requests to websites, so advertising networks will not be able to track your browsing habits. Sometimes, websites may not be optimized with the latest Internet Explorer, which can result to incorrectly displayed content. There is now a “Compatibility View” feature that fixes this by activating through the click of a button on the page. You can create a list of websites that you want automatically optimized for.future sessions through this feature.

Features of Internet Explorer

  • Full screen and Screen Orientation APIs;
  • SPDY support;
  • DOM mutation observers;
  • Video text track support;
  • HTML editor;
  • Encrypted media (DRM) support;
  • Compatibility View;
  • Do not Track setting for stopping advertising websites from tracking your browsing habits;
  • Easy to manage multiple opened tabs;
  • An intelligent navigation bar that supports auto-complete.

Bottom Line

Internet Explorer is an easy to use web browser for Windows Operating Systems. It takes it's user's security and privacy very seriously with dedicated tools for security and privacy settings.


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