Testing mobile apps are crucial to ensuring stable performance and improves user satisfaction. This development stage tends to be neglected or done in a hurry - that results in massive tech debt and high retention rate. Most developers tend to think of testing as a time-consuming repetitive procedure that wastes too much of a developer’s time.

However, there are tools in the market that allow developers to run automated tests on their apps without dedicating too much of their personal time. Genymotion is a cloud-based programme that allows testers to run automated sprints to assess the performance of Android apps. Essentially, the programme will emulate an Android device on a PC so that a developer can understand in details, how the app will work on a mobile screen.

How Can Genymotion Boost Your PC?

Genymotion can emulate up to 300 Android devices, with all device specific features - camera, GPS, calls and SMS, accelerometer, multitouch, and more. The programme is fully compatible with Android SDKs and Android Studio. A developer can test the performance of a mobile app with different connection quality - 4G, 3G, connection interruptions that happen when a user enters places like the subway.

Genymotion allows a tester to emulate all the basic hurdles an app user can encounter - lack of storage space, low battery level, and others. This way, you will know the reaction of the system to these occurrences and will be able to improve the performance of an application.

Genymotion is compatible with Android browsers as well. You can test a web application on a mobile version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. A cloud-based virtual device has all the properties of a real mobile phone. You can see the Device ID as well as Android ID numbers. The identifier feature is highly convenient when it comes to installation tracking or device categorization. With Open GApps, a tester can install and use Google Play Services, with one click. It’s a useful feature if your app relies on the Google Play Suite as it allows you to have a precise simulation of user experience.

Genymotion Main Features

  • Seamless ADB access to improve the compatibility with your testing framework;
  • Broad virtual device test coverage - Android versions from 4.1 to 8.0 are all covered;
  • Huge scaling capabilities to speed up the test cycle;
  • Use APIs to write automated tests;
  • Any CI infrastructure is integrated with Genymotion cloud;
  • Smooth low-latency access to your application from a virtual device;
  • Test the app in mobile browsers.


Genymotion is an Android emulator that provides testers with a safe virtual environment to test their Mobile apps. The programme is capable of simulating device-specific features and covers a wide array of Android versions. Genymotion is aimed at experienced PC users. Having said that, the interface is lightweight, fairly intuitive, and easy-to-use.


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