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Although CDs may seem to be extinct, they still find their way to our computers every once in a while, mostly in a form of music disks. It’s not comfortable to always insert a CD every time you want to listen to new tracks. They can get lost, broken, or scratched. That’s why it’s more secure and convenient to have all your audio files saved on the computer.

That’s when the CD ripping program comes in handy. Express Rip Free CD Ripper is a software that encodes all music CDs and saves them straight to the storage. You only have to insert the CD once and have the program scan the disk. The tool provides direct digital extraction and doesn’t alter the quality of the track. 

How Can Express Rip Free CD Ripper Boost Your PC?

It’s a simple tool that performs a few functions but does it efficiently. The entire scope of the software is to copy audio from physical CDs to your computer storage. You can also adjust the volume of the encoded track, tag audio files, and group them into folders. While functionality might not be this tool’s strong point, it definitely wins in speed. The tracks are processed in a matter of a few seconds. Also, the program performs file compression as well which is valuable for saving your PC’s storage space. The software offers 21 available output formats, including the most popular ones - mp3 and wav.

Express Rip Free CD Ripper main features

  • Creating a digital version of a CD;
  • Assigning tags to audio files;
  • Creating folders to store audio;
  • Regulating the volume of the encoded track;
  • Extractions from CD to MP3 and wav;
  • Identifying the artist, album, and basic information via a connection to the online database.


Express Rip Free CD Ripper is a small but efficient software for everyone who occasionally has to work with CDs. If you are a big music fan, then this program is definitely a must-have. And even if you aren’t, this application doesn’t take up much storage space, so you can go ahead and install it, just in case.


Express Rip Free CD Ripper
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  • Developer: NCH Software
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  • Version: 3.0
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