DVDs were once the most preferred means of storing videos as it had enough storage memory to contain complete files including audio tracks and subtitle. For those keeping DVD collections, at some point, they become too many and occupy a lot of space. They also become difficult to sort as you may end up having to flick through a lot of DVDs when looking for a particular one which is time-consuming.

Copying your DVDs into the hard drive of your computer ensures that you save space in your room as you no longer need a shelf for your collection. Your movies are also indexed automatically, making it easier for you to look up particular files. CloneDVD enables you to manage your DVDs conveniently regardless of the type of files it contains.

How Can CloneDVD Be Helpful to you?

CloneDVD is ideal for people that often need to share data through DVDs for personal or professional purposes. Although CDs and DVDs are simple and cheaper ways of storage, there are certain risks that are related to their use. They become damaged when exposed to high temperature and when scratched to a certain degree, they become totally useless.

This software has a unique interface with a lot of features that enable you to manage your DVDs without difficulties. CloneDVD provides quick and flexible methods of copying your favorite discs whether you intend to extract the whole files at once or in batches. For instance, a DVD-9 movie may be split into multiple parts to enable you to manage them easily.

Some DVDs that are copy protected can be decrypted using this computer program to enable you to create alternate copies of those particular discs. With a good number of compression formats and associated codecs, CloneDVD enables its user to rip DVDs as well as Blu-Ray and image disks while being able to convert them for use in other devices like smartphones and tablets. Extracted data can be exported directly to external devices without loss in quality or size.

There is an additional feature that enables you to schedule your computer for an immediate shutdown after all processes are complete. There is also a noise reduction feature and the ability to adjust the target size and quality of the output.

CloneDVD Key Features Include:

  • Split movies into multiple parts;
  • Adjust output quality and target size;
  • Several compression formats and related codecs;
  • Supports image disks and Blu-Ray.


CloneDVD comes with top-notch features to ensure that you make alternate copies of your DVDs so as not to lose important data due to disk damage. It is a vital tool for professionals or organizations that want to distribute data through DVDs.


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