Auslogics Registry Cleaner


Looking for a well integrated registry backup, all you need is to equip yourself with a user friendly application that eases the task as Auslogics registry backup.

Auslogic Registry cleaner is a seemingly simple yet powerful registry cleaner, for your Windows Operating System. With Auslogics Registry, you don’t need to worry yourself about lost files.

Why should you use Auslogic Registry cleaner?

Auslogic Registry Cleaner serves as a suitable tool for automatic registry backup and a 1-click cleaning button as well. This application is designed to make it easy to use, due to its uncomplicated settings. You don’t need a special instruction to carry out any function. It creates room for backup files. When we are faced with little storage for our documents due to cache, you don’t need to bother because Auslogic Registry will ensure more storage space in for your files by clearing up any junk files and unwanted application data.

This application is a straightforward application to use, with fast installation and has a handy 1-click clean up button.

You can scan and fix your registry by simply clicking on the scan button, which you can as well pause at any given time. Thereafter, you are presented with a well-formatted result of the issues the application has fixed. You can also choose what to repair, from this point, that is if there is anything that needs repairing, and the application will resolve all the identified issues.

Key features of Auslogics Registry cleaner:

  • It works with real time solution, register scan be paused and resumed at a specific time when needed;
  • Your files are saved whenever there is a registry backup. You don’t have to ponder on lost files, because, auslogic is here to help you recover your original files;
  • It is user-friendly. You don’t need special tutorials to use of this application;
  • The registry errors can be viewed in the Registry editor by making a right click in the scan results window;
  • When errors are located, it is displayed in a group with similar errors, including Recent documents, History lists, File associations, or Missing software problems;
  • This application supports 32 and 64 bit version of Windows vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10;
  • Anytime errors are being fixed, registry backups can be set as well.


In conclusion, Auslogic Registry Cleaner is user-friendly and suitable for all kinds of users. You will derive the maximum satisfaction when using the tool. Loss of important documents after registry cleaning will most likely not occur with Auslogic registry cleaner.


Auslogics Registry Cleaner
Auslogics Registry Cleaner download
Auslogics Registry Cleaner for windows 10
Auslogics Registry Cleaner
Auslogics Registry Cleaner

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