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Although most videos shot on our laptop and desktop computers are in MP4 format, there are other video formats that are available out there. They all have different properties that make them unique which is why there are several options for all digital platforms. In digital video production, choosing the right video format ensures that you enjoy a hitch-free playback. Videos downloaded from the internet may come in a different format that may not be playable on some portable digital devices. With Any Video Converter, you can easily distribute movies in multiple formats to reach a wider audience.

How Can Any Video Converter Improve Access to Videos on Your PC?

Any Video Converter is a powerful software that can be used to convert video files to the preferred format to improve compatibility with other digital devices. Most devices are only compatible with just a number of video formats, making it difficult to enjoy your favorite movies at certain times. Each format that is associated with a particular digital platform is designed to ensure that users enjoy the best video quality for an amazing experience. But this affects the playability of the video on all platforms.

With this video converter which supports a wide range of formats, you can easily improve the availability of your preferred video in the available formats. It also supports MP4 and DivX formats, optimized for different digital devices like iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and PlayStation, among others. Any Video Converter has a straightforward interface with various tools that can be used simultaneously. Once you have selected the video file to convert, you can alter a variety of settings to get an output with the best quality. The output format, name and save location as well as video quality and size can be adjusted.

You can also trim the selected clip or remove the soundtrack entirely. Different clips can also be combined to create a single movie in the desired format, aspect ratio, and bitrate. Audio quality can also be adjusted and subtitles added according to your preference. The videos to be converted can be individual videos or DVD ISO files imported from your local drive or ripped directly from CDs and DVDs in the optical disc drive. They can also be imported from online locations when you enter the direct URL of the file. You may need to enter your YouTube username and password to enable video downloads from the platform.

Users can burn converted clips to DVDs creating a PAL or NTSC movie which can feature a Title Menu with background image and music. Custom watermarks and texts may also be added as required. They can also be exported automatically to iTunes according to user settings. There is a preview function that lets you play each clip on the integrated video player to see the effectiveness of if change before they are applied. It allows you to alter the position of the subtitles to ensure that they are not covering a significant part of the screen. Altering GPU acceleration and the output driver of the player from the software settings can improve the quality of the playback. Any Video Converter features several skins that can help alter the appearance of the software home screen. The interface language can also be changed to improve the ease of use.

Any Video Converter Key Features Include:

  • Multi-language support.
  • Built-in video player.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Import videos from local drive and external optical drives.
  • Import videos directly from URLs.
  • Supports various video formats.
  • Import videos from ISO files.
  • Alter GPU acceleration and the output driver of the integrated video player.
  • Trim and merge video clips.
  • Change software skins.
  • Preview videos before applying changes.
  • Automatically upload videos to iTunes.
  • Burn DVDs.
  • Adjust or mute audio.
  • Optimize video quality and size for different digital devices like iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and PlayStation.


Any Video Converter makes it easy for users to improve the playability of their favorite videos on other devices besides their computers. The ability to download and convert clips by simply entering the direct URL of the file makes it stand out among other converters that are available on the Windows platform.


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