Adobe Digital Editions


This is the perfect tool for digital publications and ebook lovers, whether you are a business executive, student or just a regular book lover. No one likes the hassle of having to open different readers for different ebook or digital publications formats, neither does any ardent reader like having to go through different e-readers just to find a particular book he/she read previously. 

This is, therefore, the perfect application because it supports nearly all e-book or digital publication formats, such as PDF, Flash-Based content, and EPUB. It can also run on all Windows versions as well as on Mac computers. It’s also compatible with portable ebook devices, such as Sony reader Netronix, Netlogic, Nook, pocket boom, Kobo, and so on.

Why is Adobe Digital Editions Useful?

It is a perfect tool for managing all your books on various devices because if you download a book on one device, it would also appear in various devices. You can also transfer your books that have been copy-protected between different devices, such as from your iPad to your Windows PC. You can customize your bookshelf in any manner you want because it supports the functionality of sorting by either the publisher, title or author. 

The search feature is fantastic as you can easily search for words, phrases or a sentences by typing the keywords into the search column and it will scan through the entire book for identical words. You can then move from one page to another by clicking the results that were brought up on the search panel. 

You can print beautiful high-quality text and images with Adobe Acrobat Editions. When you print, you get the exact quality on paper as you saw on the screen. As a publisher, you can also choose to go with restrictive-printing so as to protect your intellectual property. 

You also have the option of borrowing electronic books from public online libraries as well as from digital publications. The process of acquiring these digital publications is very easy and straightforward. It is one of the genuine applications out there that supports EPUB 3 formats. It helps you to get the best out of the audio and video content, image resizing feature, right or left reading support, interesting and interactive quizzes, support for technologies to help the disabled and better output of math formulas. 

This application has multilingual capabilities which will allow a foreign friend or associate of yours to use your Adobe Digital Editions without hassle. Some of the language capabilities are English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.

Features of Adobe digital editions

  • Create customized bookshelf;
  • Maintains printing fidelity;
  • Borrow ebooks from public libraries;
  • Multilingual capacity;
  • Highlighting, bookmarking, note and comment features;
  • Image resizing feature;
  • EPUB 3 support;
  • Search capability;
  • Accessibility features;
  • Supports editing;
  • Support for Multi format.


This very lightweight application is a remarkable tool for book and digital publication lovers. It’s also free and compatible with nearly all types of devices.


Adobe Digital Editions
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Adobe Digital Editions for windows 10
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe Digital Editions

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  • Developer: Adobe Systems Inc
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  • Version: 4.5.10
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