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The use of social media is on the increase as most individuals, both young and old are now using it as a medium to keep in touch with their friends and meet new people. Several social media sites have continued to evolve, creating an online community where individuals come to share ideas and have fun.

Instagram is a very popular social media site with several users all over the world, who come to interact with one another and create opportunities for themselves through the various marketing tools it offers. Due to privacy concerns, the content posted on Instagram like images and videos cannot be downloaded even by the user that made the post. 4k Stogram makes it possible for you to save these posts onto your computer regardless of who made them. 

How Can 4k Stogram Benefit PC Users?

4k Stogram is a simple tool that allows users to view and download image and video posts from Instagram onto their computers conveniently. You can now enjoy your favorite videos and images at any time of the day, even without internet access.

The installation process is fast, leaving you with a software that has a straightforward interface and a menu bar that contains its most important features. All pictures and videos that are retrieved are displayed in the main area of the software window. First, you would need to enter your Instagram username and password to get started.

Users get to access photos and videos that are posted by other Instagram users which are playable on your default media player as it has no built-in playback features. The “Subscribe” feature can be used to keep track of specific user account with posts that you would like to download. Your subscriptions containing profiles that you are following with the number of photos that were posted by each one are displayed in the software window.

As you select each profile from the subscription list, the thumbnails of all posts are displayed. With a single click, each photo or video is automatically downloaded onto your computer in the default Pictures or Video folder on your computer. The “Update All Subscriptions” command which can also be executed by pressing F5 refreshes all profiles to reveal new posts as they become available.

4k Stogram allows you to subscribe to hashtags and locations while receiving images with metadata that contains information about related comments. The “Export Subscriptions” and “Import Subscriptions” feature allows you to back up your subscriptions database which can be restored on a new computer, ensuring that your images and accounts information are not lost. You can also pause or remove all subscriptions as desired.

The interface is also available in different languages, including English, Polish, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Chinese, and lots more.

Key Features of 4k Stogram Include:

  • Multi-language support.
  • View and download image and video posts from Instagram.
  • Hotkey support.
  • Create a backup of your subscriptions for easy recovery after a system failure.
  • Subscribe to various Instagram accounts, hashtags, and locations.
  • Downloaded image metadata contains information about related comments.
  • Pause or remove all subscriptions as desired.
  • Update all subscriptions to reveal new posts.
  • Images from all subscribed accounts are automatically downloaded to your computer.
  • Downloaded photos and videos are accessible offline.


4k Stogram is an important program that every social media user should have, to ensure that they do not miss out on all the fun as they interact with friends on Instagram. It lets you download photos and videos of memorable events as they are posted.


4k Stogram Portable
4k Stogram Portable download
4k Stogram Portable for windows 10
4k Stogram Portable
4k Stogram Portable

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